If The Equity Markets Sell-Off, What Does It Mean For the Yen?


If Equity Markets Sell-Off, What Does It Mean For the Yen? Friday, October 04, 2013by Trent Wagner of The FOX Group




As I’ve mentioned in many previous articles, we focus a substantial amount of time on identifying correlations between markets so that we can attempt to take advantage of multiple sectors in the event any one market makes a significant directional move.  Case in point:  the “carry trade” that so many took advantage of through the first few months of the year.  As equities were on a tear to the upside through the first six months of the year, we saw …Read More

Patience Is Key For Those On The Sidelines

For those that have been on the long side of the equity markets over the course of the year thus far, congratulations.  This Fed-fueled rally we’re currently witnessing has been extremely fruitful for those fortunate enough to have gotten a piece of it – the S&P 500 is up approximately 20% through the first 7 months of the year.  Current longs should continue to ride the uptrend in my opinion, perhaps hedging your position with some long puts that could act as some insurance if we do see a significant drop.  With the implied volatility levels currently extremely low in the Emini S&P options, traders can buy this “insurance” cheaper than what they normally could. Read More

Today’s Market Focus – GOLD

by Trent Wagner of Futures & Options Xecution, LLC

Last Friday I wrote about what I believed would be an impending breakout in the gold futures market.  We knew the tight, range-bound price action of a couple of weeks ago couldn’t last forever and, sure enough, we opened up on Sunday night with some conviction to the upside.  The Aug gold futures never looked back and went on to close on Monday at $1336/oz, up over $40/oz from where it closed on Friday.  Read More

Watch For A Breakout In August Gold

by Trent Wagner of Futures & Options Xecution, LL

It’s been a wild ride for Gold over the first half of the year to say the least.  Since making lows for the year near $1180/oz in late June, the Aug Gold futures contract has rallied over $100/oz during the month of July.  Although the market has tested the $1300/oz level a few times since last week, it has been unable to breakthrough this resistance level.  In addition, we’ve seen the market trade in a much tighter range over the past week as it has tested resistance, carving out an ascending triangle formation (see chart …Read More