System Developer and CTA Services:

The FOX Group’s professional System Developer and CTA services have been designed and implemented with a single goal in mind – to allow you to solely focus on what matters most: Trading Your Program.

In addition to building out best-in-class hosting solutions for your program with multiple layers of redundancy, our executive team also will also serve as a valuable resource for inquiries relating to industry compliance, trade execution efficiency, marketing, and much more.

We understand that specific needs and areas of emphasis can vary greatly for each individual program. As such, FOX tailors a customized brokerage service unique to each System Developer or CTA we work with to provide the perfect complement for every program. From administrative services to trade execution to capital introduction and everything in between, FOX has you covered.

Brokerage Services

Administrative Services:

  • Accounting and Legal Guidance
  • Daily Equity and Margin Summary
  • Real-time Position Updates
  • Trade Reconciliation
  • Fee Invoicing
  • New Client On-Boarding Services
  • First-Class Customer Service

Brokerage and Execution Services:

  • Global Trade Execution
  • Electronic Trading Platforms
  • Direct Pit Execution (if needed)
  • Futures and Options Spread Order Execution
  • Liquidity Sourcing for Large Orders
  • Arrangement of Give-up Agreements
  • APS Trade Allocation to all FCMs