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Self-Directed Trading

Stock Trader Looking At Multiple MonitorsThe FOX Group offers professional traders access to global markets at competitive trading costs. State of the art trading technology provides all of the necessary tools that meet the demands of even our most sophisticated clients. Our self-directed services include:

  • Easy to enter order platforms
  • Real time quotes and charts
  • Real time account information
  • Discount/High Volume rates

Although we understand that you are self-sufficient with your trading, our team will be standing by should you need any additional support.

The FOX Private Client Group

AchievementTrading futures and options can provide investors the means to diversify their portfolios over a broad spectrum of markets.  However, investing in the commodity markets can also be a challenging proposition for both those that are just getting started and market veterans alike.  Many traders have a general idea of what they are looking to do with their investment in these markets, but need some assistance with the details.  When, how and where to get involved can be just as important as which market to get involved with.

Our full-service FOX Private Client Group is here to help you every step of the way.  Risk management, order placement, trade recommendations and helping traders implement their own strategy are just some of the services provided to this client base.  Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Are you new to trading futures and options?
  • Have you have traded futures and options but feel like the results could have been better?
  • Do you have an idea but are not sure how to incorporate a strategy to capitalize on it?
  • Are you too busy to monitor your open positions on the computer all day long?

If any of these apply to your situation, the comprehensive design of the service offered by the FOX Private Client Group could be perfect for you.  The personal relationship with a market professional will help you to ensure that your investment goals are being effectively implemented in a manner consistent with your risk profile.

Receive daily market commentary, quotes and charts, and the assistance of a licensed professional today!

Automated Systems Trading

The FOX Group is one of the premier brokerage firms in the industry as it relates to providing retail support and trade execution services for automated trading systems. While automated systems trading is a popular way for retail traders to get exposure to futures markets, many clients do not have the time and/or the desire to oversee the day to day trading of an automated system. If you have found a program that you want to trade but do not want the responsibility of implementing the execution of the program on your own, join the hundreds of clients that currently use The FOX Group for their automated systems trading solution.