Barb Levy Director of Automated Trading

Ph: (312) 756-0948

Barb began her career in the futures industry in 1981 working on the trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Upon completion of her master’s degree in business in 1985, she transitioned from the trading floor over to the retail side of the commodities industry.

Barb has proven to be an invaluable resource to both her clients and the company since she started with The FOX Group 10 years ago. Overseeing the automated trading division of FOX, Barb works directly with clients in ensuring the trade execution solution for the program of their choice is setup in the manner consistent with the client’s risk profile and growth goals. Leveraging an impressive blend of experience and market knowledge, she is able to effectively balance the technical side of overseeing multiple automated programs while at the same time being accessible and available for her extensive clientele.

In her free time, Barb enjoys Vegas vacations and spending time with family.