Trent Wagner Executive Director / Principal

Ph: (312) 756-0932

Trent has been a veteran of the futures industry for nearly 15 years and was a founding member of The FOX Group along with Ryan Fox back in 2011. As Executive Director of FOX, Trent is involved and versed in all aspects of the brokerage services and trade execution solutions that The FOX Group offers. Trent is the main point of contact at FOX for our system developer and CTA network, providing valuable service and guidance to program developers as they build their business and clientele.

Always following the markets, Trent has provided regular video market commentary for the CME Group and has been featured in numerous interviews with a variety of different TV networks including Fox Business, Sky News, BNN, and WCIU.

Trent studied finance at the University of Iowa and enjoys sports, traveling, and spending time with his wife and three children.